old age linked to simulated city


whats up with his voice? it sounds like two people are speaking at one point. maybe his girlfriend won’t let him in the car because he’s possessed by a demon?

Silicon Valley child sociopaths are so boring


we’ve misfired a gun and fucked a hot pocket for the vine we LITERALLY have nowhere to go but the first murder

don’t forget the guy that smoked up a baby

please calm down

please calm down

Seefeel - Signals
80 plays


this one sounds like the arctic ocean

This one’s my favorite

I think the biggest shock of seeing monkeys in real life wasn’t how human they looked but how honestly they just looked like huge rats with hands

ceramicamuerta4evs said: when i was a kid a sea lion cub went into my grandma’s house when we were sleeping

does she live on some well-worn rocks by the ocean

people are literally shooting holes in their wall for vine